Why Royal Arch Masonry?

Royal Arch Masonry is considered as the copestone to your Masonic journey.   It is deemed the “Supreme Degree” and the completion of the Master Mason degree.

But why?

As a Master Mason, due to the u.d. of our G.M.H.A. you are presented with substituted Ss.  The Temple is incomplete.  The story and the journey itself has not reached its conclusion, leaving the Master Mason with unresolved questions.

In the Royal Arch capitular system, the Mark Master Mason degree is deemed the completion of the Fellowcraft degree within a lodge, the Most Excellent Master, also taking place in a lodge, discovers he has come to the end of Craft symbolism with a beautiful ceremony of dedication, but providing that question of “what’s next?”

Royal_Arch_Room_Ark_replica_3What’s next is Capitular Masonry with the Holy Royal Arch of Jerusalem where the candidate is presented with rich, beautiful, and colourful symbolism steeped in ancient knowledge, and encompassed in the long historical journey of the Israelites leading to a Great Discovery.

As a result of this, Royal Arch Masonry can be deemed as the only true concordant body in the Masonic system, whereas all others are appendant.   Brothers become Companions as a deeper title to signify the bonds of experiencing a toilsome yet rewarding journey together.

So why Royal Arch Masonry then?

That’s for you to discover, but we can tell you it’s one that none of us Master Masons have regretted doing.


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