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July 20, 2016

13325441_10154122054476166_1441351616154433957_nAbout Norwood Chapter – “A European Concept”

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Norwood Chapter #18 of Royal Arch Masonry is an alternative for Master Masons looking to join a unique Masonic organization. We are the first European Concept Royal Arch Chapter in North America. We are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and meet on the fourth Monday of February, May, September, and November at 2000hrs (8:00 P.M.) at Acacia Masonic Temple (10433 83 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2C7) for our business meeting followed by either education or a degree.  Prior to the meeting, the members have a festive board meal at an establishment in the Old Strathcona (Whyte Avenue) area.

We also sometimes host one or several emergent meetings throughout the year to confer the Mark Master Mason and Most Excellent Master Degrees, allowing us to save time by not having to setup both a Royal Arch Chapter and a MMM or MEM lodge in the same evening.  The average number of regular and emergent meetings a year can vary from four to eight depending on the Principals’ term plan.

Our Chapter searches out the best Masonic speakers from Edmonton and beyond and we have an education presentation or discussion at each Chapter meeting.  Companions are expected to contribute to those discussions.  A Festive Board is conducted after each of our meetings at a local restaurant or public house.  We welcome any Royal Arch Mason who has time to visit our Chapter.  We value our visitors and welcome them wholeheartedly into Chapter.

Candidates for these Ancient and Profound Degrees and all Chapter members must embrace our Ten Chapter Principles. You must have a love of excellent ritual, education, and fellowship.  We are unique and are working very hard to earn a high level of commitment from our membership. Part of the leadership we teach and learn within Chapter is to give back; both to the Chapter and to our Craft lodge in which we were raised and that we are duty-bound to support.

Norwood Chapter Ten Principles

  1. Ritual Excellence – Members are expected to elevate their work to the highest standard of ritual delivery and presentation. Companions are expected to prove-up the catechism in each degree, including the Royal Arch.
  2. Education – New members are provided Mentoring Guides after each degree. Education presentations occur either at or after every meeting by members or companions from other chapters and jurisdictions.
  3. Elegance Of Dress – Members are expected to wear formal-dress whenever possible–visitors at minimum a business suit.
  4. Chapter Ambience – All the senses are heightened. The room shall be dimly lit, candles used not lightbulbs, ambient music, calming incense, special effects, and most importantly, prior to opening all companions greet each other with a hearty grasp.
  5. Non-Traditional Timings – Candidates may take up to a year to complete the three required degrees and are required to prove-up first as Master Masons at the door of a Mark Master Masons’ lodge, and after each degree, including the Royal Arch.
  6. Festive Board – Casual festivities take place at local establishments around the Old Strathcona (Whyte Avenue) area and sometimes take place in the banquet room with a catered meal.
  7. Two Year Terms Of Office – Officers serve two-year terms (8 regular meetings) with election in April and Installation in June
  8. Fewer Meetings — Four regular meetings supplemented by 2-4 emergent meetings, with a major event — “Back To The Workshop Education Night”
  9. Selectivity – We select only the finest of Master Masons who are interested in seeking further light in Masonry
  10. Commitment – We expect all members to commit to attending all meetings whether regular, emergent, a practice, and general purpose.